Chakra Therapeutics Coaching Transform your Soul!

Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, have low self esteem, unable to move forward in your personal development, whether that be in the form of a Health issue, a Relationship, a work problem or with that project you have been mulling over for the past god knows how long.

Well let me help you!

It’s Louise here, your Chakra Therapeutics Coach - I’m here to help you explore how the Chakra system can guide you to grow your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing, dramatically improve your feelings of self worth leading you closer to your True Authentic Self.

What is a Chakra Therapeutics Coach
A Chakra Therapeutics Coach helps people assess their current physical and emotional state, using the Chakra system and helps them work on themselves to set goals for what they want to achieve in their overall wellness and health and by working with them on plans of action to reach these goals

My Chakra Therapeutics Course is an 8 week bespoke Transformational container programme catering for all your needs to be the best version of yourself.

Each Chakra relates to a different aspect of your body, mind & spirit so that’s basically everything about you & the persona you portray. This is from being a very young age to the person you show the world today. These aspects manifest in different ways from how you walk, talk, breath, react with others & so much more.

Now unfortunately they can also hold you back.
All these handed down beliefs & things you believe you are “suppose to do” may not serve you well at this time.

We all store so much within us that it can take over & sometimes stop you from working towards your highest potential. So what if you can balance your Chakra’s? Learn how to own and control your inner power & awaken who you really are.

Self-awareness is an essential component of Chakra therapeutics Coaching that focuses on tapping into different layers of the body, including physical, psycho-emotional, energetic, & the spiritual. The sessions focus on your body as a multidimensional system, which includes body, mind, breath, emotion, intellect, & their mutual interaction.

The Chakra Therapeutic Coaching approach focuses on talking & listening. Talking openly & honestly from your heart & learning to listen to what your body & mind are really telling you. It's about making a personalised assessment of what is happening & what you want to happen. It’s about lifestyle management & goal setting. So let’s remove the obstacles & issues that may stand in your way & let the new Empowered you move forward with confidence.

It is based on the principles of Mindfulness, Meditation, Light, Slow, Deep Breathing & maybe a little yoga to help clear out the rubbish to promote & assist you in the healing process - Think about it, don’t you feel better after bin collection day! - giving you the space to simply breathe, assess & focus on your individual needs. Facilitating you to live a life that is happier, healthier & abundant with worth.

The primary objective of Chakra Therapeutics Coaching includes reducing, managing, & eliminating symptoms that cause Pain, Trauma & Suffering. It also aims to support & assist you to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of a particular disease or disorder by transforming your soul.

I will always be coaching from a place of Love & Compassion to create a personalised approach that enables you to connect to your true source, to develop knowledge & realisation through various yoga tools, for instance, expect Meditation, breathing practices known as pranayama & sound work known as mantra & hand movements known as mudras to help you through your day, the week & the coming months ahead.

Benefits of Chakra Therapeutics

CTC assists, supports & prepares you in preventing future unnecessary structural, emotional, physical & spiritual pain.

CTC assists in enhancing your overall health & Wellbeing & quality of your life but taking ownership of your own feelings & action.

My aim is to help you find the tools for your own Spiritual Toolbox, to Empower you. To claim your Self Worth. To trust your Inner Knowledge & Intuition. To bring you into Consciousness to Ascend to your True Authentic Self

Things you’ll need: Yes Lovelies their is homework!
you will need a journal/note book, pen, pencil, coloured pencils

Each session is 75 mins long

Investment in your Chakra Therapeutics Coaching Journey - £444

Full payment in advance of 1st session
Sessions can be online via Zoom or at my home studio in Hull, East Yorkshire
Contact Louise for more details and to book your sessions