Sucram Yoga 230hr Foundation PLUS Teacher Training Course for those aged over 40 years

Welcome to our Foundation PLUS Course which has been specifically designed for Yoga trainees aged 40 years and above.

It is the ultimate teacher training course. The foundation PLUS includes invaluable continuous mentoring and development for the first year after Graduation.

January 2025 - October 2025
Karinya Yoga, Unit 3, Crown Works Lairgate, Beverley HU17 8EX, UK

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Becoming a yoga teacher in your 40s, 50s, 60s or even 70s can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, for those who have a passion for yoga the idea of becoming a yoga teacher may initially seem like a pipe dream or a little overwhelming. However, the truth is that age is not a barrier to pursuing a career as a yoga teacher. In fact, those who come to teaching yoga later in life often have a unique perspective and bring a particular set of skills that can make them even more effective teachers.

While it's true that some physical aspects of yoga may become more challenging with age, the more mature yoga instructors bring a wealth of experience, patience, and wisdom to their teaching. They are often better equipped to guide students through the emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga, and can offer valuable insights and perspectives that come with a life well-lived. I do also believe there is an increasing demand for qualified and experienced instructors of all ages.

Be an Instigator for Positive Change

Some students may want to take training to simply deepen their own Spiritual practice, Some to step back in their 9 - 5 job to part time and teach yoga to help supplement their income. Some to get away from the rat race and change career completely, freeing up their time and embracing a more holistic and yogic lifestyle, and enjoy their new found job satisfaction. Others to teach family, friends or to share their knowledge giving back and running community based classes. Others may take the training towards steps to opening their own studio.

So Folk's, age is not be a barrier to pursuing a career in teaching Yoga,

It’s your Greatest asset!

My life took a complete turnaround when I began teaching in my 40s, and I’d like to show you how its done.

On our 230hr Foundation PLUS Yoga Course, see how with the correct training and skills you can apply and adapt confidently to any age, and level of ability, Yoga classes for years to come using the Chakras as a framework.

I often talk about the Chakras as life's framework, and I’d love to share with you over the Course the wisdom and clarity it brings to teaching. And know that as a Mature teacher you will bring so much wealth of experience and wisdom to add to that framework, to pass on in your teaching.

With over 20yrs of teaching experience, I’ll work and share with you my knowledge, awareness, explanation and understanding of the postures and Chakras that will allow you to work intuitively with what is right there in front of you. I’ll show you ways of working with the chakras that will give you a framework to work from for years to come.

Yoga and the Chakras is a pretty simple concept and makes so much sense.

I tend to look at the world through a lens of Multi-faceted colours and shapes and this gives so much more breadth and depth to my teachings, I’ll make you see that too.

I like to consider I can see more in a person than what is just seen, and I’ll make you see that too.

I like to give students and clients an experience of internal and external exploration during any session they take with in. All adding to their spiritual toolbox to help with whatever life has in store for them, you can make them feel that too.

I love working with people and find the human body fascinating. I love working with people and watching them grow. I love seeing how they develop and find their strength and flexibility of body, mind and spirit. I love the reactions and outcomes Yoga brings, and find teaching a highly satisfying and rewarding profession. Would you like all this too?

Our 230hr Foundational PLUS Teacher Training Course will leave you ready!

Now once we are in our 40s and beyond we have already been around the Chakra System once, so with that in mind you will have a much greater

understanding already when using the Chakras as a framework. It will help you explore how the Chakra system can guide you to grow your own Physical and Mental, Health and Wellbeing, dramatically improve your feelings of self worth leading you closer to your True Authentic Self. It will cater for all your needs and help you guide others to be the best version of themselves too. And this course has been designed to give you all the tools you need to become a confident and successful yoga teacher for many years.

By the end of the course you will have the knowledge, and confidence to be able to create and deliver yoga classes, workshops and retreats for years to come. You will have the skills to translate to your students in a confident, competent and compassionate way, in your new yoga career.

The course covers these key areas

• History of Yoga
• Chakras
• asana, bandha’s, adjustments, styles
• pranayama, mudra, meditation
• anatomy and physiology
• teaching skills
• philosophy
• mentoring and supervision
• Yoga as a career

On this course you will learn how to...

• Hold space
• Develop classes, workshops and explore how to expand your teaching
• Learn how to use language and verbal communication and cues
• Understand function movement
• Be able to fine tune and expand your practice
• Create and develop your teaching skills to teach yoga with confidence
• sequence, class organisation and lesson planning for groups and adapting your approach for private clients
• Constructing and deconstructing postures so that they are suitable for students with differing abilities and experience
• Body-reading and offering respectful adjustments
• Assisting and observing skills
• Ethics and responsibilities of yoga teachers
• Business skills

Outside the modules, trainees will be required to

• develop a consistent and competent self-practice as the foundation for teaching
• Journalling as a log of your journey, self practice, feeling and emotions
• Reading/listening to recommended books, articles, lectures
• Obtain recommended books if possible
• Attend the sessions set out in this course
• Be kind to yourself on the course…..remember folk, it’s just Yoga!
• There will be homework, to make sure it’s all sinking in.

The course will focus on creating knowledgeable and confident teachers. Trainees will be competent with effective classroom skills, including

• principles of demonstration
• how to effectively hold the space whilst teaching
• observing and assisting
• delivering clear verbal instructions and cues
• teaching online
• giving and receiving feedback
• the skill of delivering safe, intelligent and respectful adjustments both in person and on-line
• lesson planning
• sequencing and class organisation
• how to integrate those with common injuries and issues
• teaching private clients in a 1:1 setting.

I am here as an educator for you. I have mentored many new teachers over the years fresh out of Yoga training schools that have had a mental block when it comes to teaching. They didn't feel ready. I see the things that are missing and I've been able to fill the gap.

So come and join me on this incredible journey of self discovery and growth.
You’ll gain valuable skills and have a ton of fun along the way. Are you in?

Our 230hr Foundation PLUS Teacher Training Course will leave you ready!

Are you ready for the journey?

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Yoga Teacher Training Course Overview

When: January 2025 - October 2025
Where: Karinya Yoga, Unit 3, Crown Works Lairgate, Beverley HU17 8EX, UK

Structure & Hours

  • 230 Hours
  • 10 Weekends | 9am - 5.30pm
  • One 2 hour Zoom Session, once a month - Wednesday evenings| 7pm - 9pm
  • Mandatory reading and homework assignments

Course Dates

Full day in-person sessions
9am - 5:30pm
Jan 4th & 5th
Feb 1st & 2nd
March 1st & 2nd
April 5th & 6th
May 3rd & 4th
June 7th & 8th
July 5th & 6th
Aug 2nd & 3rd
Sept 6th & 7th
Oct 3rd & 4th & 5th

Qualify for a Discount if paid in full with Early Bird Payment before Oct 2024 - £3,000

Total Full Course Fee - full fee £3,350

Non-Refundable Deposit at time of booking £800 paid to secure your place plus 4 instalments of £637.50 Balance to be paid in full 8 weeks prior to starting the course - January 2025

Payment in instalments

Deposit - due with Registration form £800
Instalment 1 - £637.50
Instalment 2 - £637.50
Instalment 3 - £637.50
Instalment 4 - £637.50

Register your Interest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

If you feel that pull, it’s a REALLY good sign!

We are looking for serious and committed students with a solid foundation in the basic yoga postures. It is not about having an advanced practice and mastering the tricky poses, but rather a mature practice – knowing your own limits and coming to the mat with a willingness to learn.
We ask for around 1-2+ years regular and consistent yoga practice, preferably through class attendance – but we will also consider students with other relevant experience and/or an established home practice of at least 1 year.

You will also require a regular yoga teacher to provide a reference to support your application. In addition, some element of self-practice is viewed very favourably.

You will be able to teach private classes of your own while you’re in training, probably made up of family and friends. This ensures that you are fully supported by your teachers while you are learning to teach. It also gives you the opportunity to earn money to cover course fees!

EVERYONE feels like this before they start the training. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way – we haven’t yet taught you the knowledge or given you the skills and experience that help to build your confidence.

There is plenty of practice to do this in a safe place with your co-learners. Like any skill, it can be learned, practiced, and refined.

Most studios and gyms require yoga teachers to have an Accredited Teacher’s Certificate and Liability Insurance. On successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a Sucram Yoga Teacher’s Certificate and be Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, as well as having obtained insurance.
You will also need a First Aid qualification

Provided you have maintained your commitment to the process, we will always endeavour to support your progress and help you achieve graduation. We agree a Personal Development Plan to bring you back on track. Support may include, but is not restricted to, ‘mentoring’ by senior teachers, private sessions, additional assignments or workshops and reassessments. Please note, there may be additional fees associated with each of these support methods.

Each training session is key to the course schedule and the training you will receive. While students can catch up on the content, it isn’t possible to recreate discussions, questions and reflections in the same way as being a part of the group. Therefore, we urge students to attend all sessions unless there are extreme circumstances.  Students must also complete 100% of the contact hours to obtain their Yoga Alliance Accreditation.

However, we understand you may not be able to foresee every conflict, and so we have the following contingency in place –

If you miss any of the online sessions it may be possible to catch up using the available recordings and successfully pass the course assessments to demonstrate understanding.

If you miss a maximum of 2 days: You may still complete the programme provided you schedule a private session(s) or semi-private session with the course tutor. Private sessions must be requested in writing and completed within the course timeline. Private sessions are subject to the course tutor’s availability and will be charged at the rate offered by the teacher. Sucram Yoga reserves the right to change the price of these private sessions at any time. A 3 hour private session equates to one day. The current cost of a 3 hour private session is £195. The maximum number of private make-up sessions is two.

If you miss more than 2 days: In this event, the learning has been compromised and you can no longer obtain certification during this intake. You may choose to continue with the course simply for the learning experience. Or if you would like Certification, you will need to retake the programme, at a discounted price.

We make our cancellation and refund policy transparent – ensuring it’s available before booking, at the time of booking and also on your receipt confirmation – so you can make an informed decision. Please take time to read this carefully. All clients are asked to agree to Sucram Yoga terms and conditions upon booking a course or workshop.