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In addition to teaching yoga, Louise also produces Yoga greetings cards under the banner of 'Wearing nothing but a pretty skirt'.

My Yoga greetings cards go under the banner of 'Wearing nothing but a pretty skirt'.

"My Yogic designs first began around 2007. In my job as a yoga instructor I would draw worksheets for my students & clients to help them remember what to do when practicing alone. The designs began to evolve into little characters resembling the clients with the clothes they wore or the colour & style of their hair. After a few years, I became inspired to create a wider variety of greetings cards which could be used for every occasion".

Over time, my designs have changed as a result of twists & turns, highs & lows that life’s journey can bring. I know after all the looking, all the searching all thats needed is to strip it back and keep it simple. Bit like life!

So here we have it, my stripped back designs that show Movement, Energy, a dash of colour to lift the spirit… & oh yer, a pretty Skirt!