Move - Breathe - Meditate

Hey everyone I would love it if you could join me for these Wonderfully Worthwhile practices of......... Move - Breathe - Meditate

Movement - Movement encourages the body to open, so the systems of the body can work efficiently. We will be using simple techniques of loosens joints and prepare the body and mind.

Breathwork - Discover easy, safe, science backed breathing techniques that will boost your health, sports performance and mental Well-Being.
It’s a practical application of breathing in everyday life to self regulate states, improve blood flow to the brain for better brain health, and improve oxygenation of the body. 

Benefits may include, Reduces stress and chronic stress related health issues,
Improves Brain Health and Cognitive Function, Stimulates creativity and memory,
Balances emotions, Promotes better sleep, quality and depth, Relief from anxiety and depression. Lowers Inflammation, Reduces Blood Pressure, Strengthens Your Immune System, Reduces Symptoms of Depression, Strengthens Your Heart, Increases Aerobic Capacity, Increases Vagus Nerve Activity, Reduces stress, Increases oxygen efficiency,
Increases vitality and energy, Reduces chronic stress related health issues, Promotes Weight Loss.

Meditation - is a practical tool for coping with life and nurturing personal growth. Meditation has become a very commonly used technique for stress and anxiety relief, and panic attacks. It leaves you feeling Calm and Relaxed while being Awake and Aware.
Benefits may include. Calms the chaos, Manage your anger, Let go of the drama. See clearer on your path, Improve your health eg lower bp / pain management, Letting go of thoughts, Relaxes your body, Strengthens your faith, Cultivates mindfulness, Releases emotions, Creates space, Hear silence, Achieve higher Staes of consciousness

10/05/24 - 14/06/24 - 12/07/24 - 13/09/24 - 11/10/24 - 22/11/24 - 06/12/24

 Venue - Karinya Yoga Studio, Unit 3, Crown Works Lairgate Beverley HU17 8EX
cost is £15 per session

Limited places - first come first serve - payment secures you place
Simply email to book a place or if you have any concerns or
questions, Im happy to help.
contact Louise - mob 07969333715
email [email protected]